Raw Vegan Zucchini Noodles With Mouthwatering Sweetcorn Sauce

July 15, 2015 859 Views


  • 5 cupsof zucchini
  • 1 cupof spinach
  • 5 cupsof sweet corn
  • 1 cupof baby tomatoes
  • 3 cupsof tomatoes
  • 1 cupof red bell pepper
  • 1 cupof beetroot
  • 1 cupof avocados
  • 1 cupof lemon
  • 1 cupof herbs


  1. First of all, take your lemon and cut it into two halves. Get the juice out of it. Pour the juice into your blender.

  2. Slice your tomatoes and put them into your blender.

  3. Next, add your sweet corn.

  4. Now, blend the ingredients until smooth.

  5. Then, add some spinach and some herbs to your blender. Blend the ingredients again.

  6. Now you are going to make zucchini and beetroot noodles.

  7. Cut your zucchinis into halves and use your vegetable noddle maker to make some noodles.

  8. Repeat the same procedure with your beetroot.

  9. Put your zucchini and beetroot noddle into a plate and pour your blended mixture on top.

  10. Add some baby tomatoes' halves and red bell pepper slices. Cut some avocado and add to your dish as well.

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