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  • 6 cupsof while milk
  • 1/7 cupof lemon peel
  • 2/3 cupof sugar
  • 2 cupsof eggs
  • 1/2 cupof corn flour
  • 1 cupof Maria cookies
  • 1/7 cupof cinnamon stick


  1. Heat the liter of milk in a pot.

  2. Add the cinnamon and lemon peel and stir well.

  3. Put 5 eggs and 7 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl and beat.

  4. Next, add the corn flour and a glass of milk to a bowl. Mix everything well.

  5. When the milk is warm, pour the bowl's ingredients in the pot.

  6. Stir constantly until it becomes thick, between 3 to 6 minutes.

  7. Serve in cups and put a cookie on top.

  8. Wait for them to chill and leave in the fridge for about 3 hours. Enjoy your dessert!

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