Molten Chocolate Cake

January 07, 2015 15 943 Views


  • 1 cupof butter
  • 1/4 cupof flour
  • 1/3 cupof dark chocolate
  • 1 cupof eggs
  • 1/4 cupof sugar
  • 1/10 cupof salt
  • 1/10 cupof powdered sugar


  1. Take a bowl and spread it with one tablespoon of butter. Add flour and put it on a pan.

  2. Chop dark chocolate. Take a big bowl and put 1 stick of butter in it. Add chopped chocolate. Put the bowl on a fire and stir the mixture until smooth.

  3. Take a small bowl and beat two yolks. Take another bowl, add sugar, salt, yolks and beat in two whole eggs. Thoroughly mix the ingredients. Then add chocolate-butter mixture and fold the stir all together. Add two tablespoons of flour and stir again. Put the mixture into a small bawl with spread butter and put it the oven. Bake it at 450 degrees for 12 minutes. When ready, sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Enjoy your cake!

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