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  • 1 cupof onion
  • 1 cupof green pepper
  • 1 cupof anaheim pepper
  • 1 cupof yellow pepper
  • 1 cupof orange pepper
  • 1 cupof red pepper
  • 5 cupsof ground beef
  • 1/8 cupof chili pepper seasoning
  • 2 cupsof tomato sauce
  • 4 cupsof zesty chili style canned tomatoes
  • 2 cupsof chili beans


  1. Dice a whole white onion and put into a bowl.

  2. Then, dice a green pepper, red pepper, orange pepper, yellow pepper and anaheim. Add to the same bowl.

  3. Take a big pan, add cook your meat until ready. Add a little bit of chili pepper.

  4. Once the meat is prepared, add two cans of tomato sauce.

  5. Next, add 4 cups of zesty chili style canned tomatoes, 1 cup of kidney beans, 2 cups of chili starter and two cups of chili beans.

  6. Then, add more chili powder.

  7. Now, add all your prepared vegetables. Stir all the ingredients well.

  8. Cook until ready. Enjoy!

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