Butter Pepper and Mushroom Pasta Sauce Cooking Recipes

April 25, 2015 1 083 Views


  • 1 cupof pasta
  • 1/2 cupsof small sweet peppers
  • 1/2 cupof mushrooms
  • 1/5 cupof butter
  • 1/7 cupof Italian seasoning
  • 1/5 cupof parmesan cheese
  • 1/10 cupof salt


  1. Take a pan and boil some water for your pasta. Cook your pasta.

  2. Cut the peppers and mushrooms. Take a frying pan and put it on heat. Add some butter. When it is melted, add your cut peppers and mushrooms. Fry for a while. Add your pasta to a frying pan. Change the heat to low. Add some parmesan, Italian seasoning and salt. Stir your ingrrdients.

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